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Brussels British Community Association

Webinar on Cross-border Social Security

9 Oct 2020 12:31 PM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

The Expat Welcome Desk of the Brussels Commissioner's office invites you to a free webinar on 27 October from 12h00 to 13h30 on 'Social security consequences of cross border employment in the EU.'

The webinar (in English) will focus on the impact of international mobility on the social security contributions and benefits of employees in the EU. It will be given by Ms An De Wever and Mrs Inge Janssens, both legal advisor at Pro-Pay NV and moderated by Amélie Bovy, legal adviser at Expat Welcome Desk.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Where do I contribute to the social security system if I live in one member state of the EU and work in another member state?
  • Does the fact that my employer has its registered seat abroad have an impact on where I pay social security contributions?
  • What happens if I have worked in Belgium under the Belgian social security scheme and move to another country? Do I lose my social benefits?
  • I work on a regular basis in the UK and hold a valid A1 form covering my international employment situation. What will happen on 01.01.2021 when the UK leaves the EU?
  • I work in multiple countries but I am subject to social security contributions in a country that is not my home country. Does the fact that I work (more) at home in my home country due to COVID-19 have an impact on where I have to pay social security contributions?

How to register?

This webinar is free to access, but you must register by 16h00 on Friday 23 October by sending an email to: inscription@commissioner.brussels

Practical information including the link to access the meeting will  be sent to you after your registration.

To contact us - Please Email to BBCA.Contact@gmail.com

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