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Last updated: Feb 25, 2020


The Brussels British Charitable Association absl is a charitable organisation and exists solely for charitable purposes.  The BBCA offers and provides this site - to provide useful information to the public.  It also encourages membership of the BBCA and member data is stored and used on this site.  The BBCA respects the privacy of it's members - and it's legal responsibilities under GDPR legislation.  The BBCA Is committed to respecting your data and privacy.

This system is built and hosted at WILDAPRICOT -

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

Personal Data is collected and maintained when members join the system, and that data is modified through activities such as recording bank transfers received, renewal of membership and events attended.  Data for this policy is defined in two categories 1. 'member personal data' (name, address, email) 2. 'other member data' (information such as joining date, renewal date, event attended, posting made).  Category 2 data is maintained purely in the system by limited and trusted BBCA system administrators - and is never shared with third parties.

Members' personal data is also strictly protected.  Members may modify their own profile data at any time (a user guide to enable this is provide on the Members (M) page.  They can change their default privacy setting (to either increase their privacy or reduce their privacy).

No personal data is visible to other people (unless settings are modified specifically by the member) with the follow EXCEPTIONS.

For GROUP MEMBERS - their details will be presented on a Group Directory on OUR COMMUNITY page unless they OPT-OUT

For all other Member types (, Family Members Regular Members, and Student Members ) They can OPT-IN to  share their name, photo (if provided) and membership type - in a Members Directory (available to other members only)

  • If members opt in - then  Other members (only) can also send them a message through the system (but without seeing or being aware of your email details).  These will be will be sent from to your email box as listed in this system. 

These settings can be changed by the member in their profile )see User Guide - your profile and new password requests.pdf

A FEATURED MEMBER Gadget is available on the Members (M) page.  This will share the permitted data (e.g. title, name, membership level) with Other Members (and only other members).    This directory is opt-in.  MEMBERS WILL ONLY BE DISPLAYED if the  field "Display in Members Directory (to other members) " is set to "DISPLAY".  The field instructions are “Do you wish your details to be displayed in the membership directory (seen by other members) ?!  THIS IS A REQUIRED FIELD FOR NEW MEMBERS

Members may modify these settings at any time .  It is straightforward for any member to override these defaults and to set their privacy so as to NOT show any of their profile or data to the public nor to other members (see the how to be private guide)

All members added by system admin are set to NOT show any of their profile by default - unless explicit permission otherwise  is obtained.  

From 30/3/2020 a GROUP COMMUNITY DIRECTORY will be available to all site visitorsThis will share limited GROUP LEVEL Member data with public  visitors to the site.  Specifically 

  • DIRECTORY DISPLAY TYPE OF ORGANISATION - e.g. youth, religious, charity  



Group Members may modify these settings at any time  - and either change the privacy settings of the fields or BLANK OUT the relevant data. 

Regular, Family and Student Members may also OPT-IN to this Directory - if they so wish.

NOTE - FOR MEMBERS WITHOUT AN E-MAIL ADDRESS  AND UNABLE TO LOG ONTO THE SYSTEM These members will be written to on a yearly basis to confirm (and allow amendment of) their privacy settings. 

Use of E-mail and Unsubscribe 

The BBCA use two methods of emailing.

1. We send emails to Members from the wild apricot system , for various purposes.

(a) automated event announcements (b) forum subscriptions (c) manual emails - to update our membership with important announcements

(d) key system emails relating to joining, renewing and profile/passwords

In category (a), (b) and (c) EVERY EMAIL WE SEND will include an unsubscribe link - clicking the link will unsubscribe members from that category of email - but not the other categories.

Emails are sent from  replies to those emails are automatically forwarded to (and managed by BBCA in 

2. For communication with members and the public - we also use,,,

Third-parties and third party applications

We do not share any personal data with third-party applications, or third parties.  It is forseeable that in the future their is a desire to share members' data with third parties for charitable purposes.  In these circumstances - member data will only be shared with explicit member permission (opt in).

Contact Us

The BBCA Data Protection Officer is the Secretary to Committee (see contact details on this site).  You can email us at

Technical Details for privacy settings

 BBCA Managing Privacy and Publicity Settings.pdf

Complete guide to GDPR compliance (from click here

Wild Apricot advice on making sites GDPR-compliant, click here

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