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COVID-19 update - Where can I travel to in Europe?

8 Jul 2020 2:30 PM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

The Belgian Foreign ministry has issued a list of 'orange' countries, including the UK, for which a period of 14 days quarantine and taking a coronavirus test is recommended following a visit. The current orange list covers Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

Travel to the orange zones is strongly discouraged, but not banned. Travellers returning from one of the listed countries are strongly advised to take a coronavirus test, a second test after nine days, and self-isolate for 14 days.

The foreign ministry may also apply a 'red' zone label to specific cities, districts or regions within a country if a severe COVID-19 outbreak occurs. Four whole countries are currently classified 'red': Ireland, Finland, Malta and Norway.

Travel to these red zones from Belgium is forbidden. If you return to Belgium from a red zone, you will have to take two coronavirus tests - on arrival and nine days later - and self-isolate for 14 days.

Update. In Flanders, fines of up to EUR 4 000 euros and even a prison sentence of up to six months may be applied if people do not comply with the new travel rules. This is the competency of the regions and might vary in other parts of the country.

In other travel news, SNCB will be launching an app in September that will show passengers how busy a train is before they board. And police have warned that, from this week, anyone caught not wearing a mask on SNCB trains and in stations will be fined €250 rather than a verbal caution. Federal police intend to reinforce spot checks between now and September on platforms and in trains.

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