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Third UNICEF Lockdown Quiz is online!

11 Jun 2020 10:03 AM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

The third UNICEF Lockdown Quiz has been announced! The two previous 'Lockdown’ quizzes have already raised over EUR 4000 for the international development charity's activities.

The third UNICEF ‘Lockdown’ Anagram Quiz has been tweaked to tone down the questions and, hopefully, raise the number of high scoring entries, and avoid too much brain ache for participants.

This time all the answers are the surnames of well-known world political leaders from the 20th and 21st centuries. As before, the number of letters corresponding to each clue are in parentheses and the number in bold represents the total number of letters in the leader’s name.

Answers must be received no later than midnight (CEST) on Friday 19 June and the winners will be announced on the evening of Saturday 20 June once the tie-break answer is known.

For the tie-break question this month, a sporting question has been selected: specifically a horse racing question. For the tie-break you must estimate the winning time for the Queen Alexandra Stakes that is running at 16.40pm (BST) on the 20th at Royal Ascot. Don’t worry if you know nothing about horse racing, all you need to do is estimate the winning time and, FYI, over the last 20 years this has been between 4 minutes and 45.2seconds and 5 minutes and 4.1sec. A spreadsheet with all winning times in this period can be accessed here.

The winner and ‘Political Leaders Anagram Quiz Champion’ will be the person who has the highest quiz score and whose tie-break answer (if applicable) is closest to the actual winning time.

The winner will receive three bottles of Petit Pas Saint Emilion Grand Cru. There will also be a prize of a bottle of champagne for the person who does not achieve the highest quiz score but whose tie-break answer is closest to the actual winning time.

To participate download the quiz sheet here and please email your answers to unicefquiz@gmail.com to arrive no later than midnight CEST on Friday 19 June.

The suggested entry fee is between EUR 5 and 10 to be paid directly to the Ex-Pats for UNICEF account: BE83 3630 2680 8315.

Even if you choose not to participate in the quiz, you may wish to make a donation which would be much appreciated.

As before, money raised by UNICEF in Belgium this year will go to support the WASH (WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene) project in Rwanda.

Please feel free to distribute widely to your quiz teammates, friends and colleagues

With many thanks for your continued support in these difficult times.

To contact us - Please Email to BBCA.members@gmail.com

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