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Can you represent Britain in the 1910 Olympics?

18 May 2023 9:34 AM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

A team of three ‘athletes' is being sought to represent Britain at a revival of the 1910 ‘Belle Epoque’ Olympics in June.

On Sunday 11 June 2023, 'La Belle Époque', the period on the eve of the First World War, returns at Château d’Ursel in Hingene (between Antwerp and Brussels). In 1910, Robert, seventh Duke d'Ursel, was commissioner-general of the World's Fair in Brussels and he held a festival for the international delegates and representatives in his castle grounds.

On 11 June the Duke’s festival is being recreated and as part of this a revival of the Olympic Games of that period is being staged. And it requires international teams to compete. In Hingene, the country teams will compete in the 'Hingene pentathlon': long jump from standing, high jump from standing, shot put from standing, relay and tug-of-war. Each team should consist of three athletes: a long jumper, a high jumper and a shot putter, who together run the relay and tug-of-war.

In these Olympics participating will be more important than winning! So the organisers are looking for amateur athletes who do their best to put in a good performance, but who also find pleasure in portraying athletes from 1910 while providing a bit of spectacle for the audience.

Your country needs you!

The athletes will represent the countries welcomed by the Duke in Hingene: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Great-Britain, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United States, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, China and Japan.

The athletes will need to dress correctly: white shorts or bermuda shorts with a white T-shirt above and their country's flag sewn or pinned on the back.

The Kasteelfeesten starts at 11 am, but the entrance of the athletes (with a big flag for each country) is planned at 1 pm. The games will take place on the lawn to the right of the castle from 1pm to 5pm and at 5.30pm the winning teams will be lauded. At 6pm there will be a big closing parade with all participants from the Kasteelfeesten.

If you would you like to participate with a team of three athletes then send an email to info@kasteeldursel.be and mention the country you would like to represent!

You can find more information on the Kasteelfeesten 1910 itself here.

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