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ETIAS- what you need to know

7 Feb 2023 9:34 PM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is a system that will grant authorisation to travel to EU Members States and other European countries that belong to the Schengen Area from outside Area. ETIAS will allow pre-travel screening of travellers who currently enjoy visa-free access to the Schengen Area, and allow Member States to deny access travellers they consider to pose a security, health or other threat.

Once ETIAS is implemented current visa-free travellers into the Schengen Area will need to have both a valid travel document (i.e. a passport or equivalent recognised ID) and an ETIAS authorisation. Currently, nationals of around 60 countries worldwide do not need a visa to enter the EU. Find out which countries need ETIAS travel authorisation. ETIAS is similar to the pre-travel authorisation systems that are already in place in the USA, Canada and Australia.

The ETIAS Regulation entered into force on 9 October 2018 and is currently being implemented. It is due to become operational by the end of 2023. Travellers will be able to apply for an ETIAS via an official website and/or app for mobile devices prior to its operation and will have to pay a fee of €7.

UK nationals who are beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement (i.e., M or N card holders in Belgium) will be exempt from ETIAS: they are free to travel to other Member States of the Schengen area for a short-stay without an ETIAS travel authorisation. However, you should take your Belgian residence card with you as well as your passport.

Find out more about ETIAS here.

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