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More Free Webinars on Tax and Estate Planning

20 Apr 2022 3:17 PM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

The Brussels-based law firm Cabinet David is continuing its popular series of free early evening webinars on Tax and Estate Planning commencing this Thursday evening (21 April 2022). Details of the events are given below. Prior registration is required, which you find by following the link for each specific event.

The 2022 webinars are grouped around a number of themes.

TEP-talks for EU Officials

Many EU officials do not understand their very specific taxation regime :

21 April @18.00: EU officials: an introduction to taxes

26 May @18.00: Estate planning for EU officials

About filing a tax return

To complement the Bulletin’s guide to the tax return :

19 May @18:00: Filing a tax return in Belgium, a doddle?

About divorcing in Belgium … and a bit about taxes too

Even expats marry and divorce in Belgium.

16 June @18:00: International Divorce, and taxes

Trusts, Trust Deeds, … in Belgium ? … Definitely not?

You may have a SIPP in a trust, a Will with a trust, life insurance in a trust … but Belgium does not have trusts.

23 June @18:00 : I have a trust – and now?

Retirement Planning for Expatriates in Belgium

Retirement is forever. So you had better prepare for it. Let us help:

30 June @18:00: Retirement Planning for Expatriates in Belgium

Our series on Estate Planning for Expatriates

15 September @18.00: Estate Planning for Dummies

22 September @18.00: Estate Planning with Wills

20 October @18.00: Estate Planning with Gifts

You can always find details of these Tax and Estate Planning talks here: www.taxation.be/events.

To contact us - Please Email to BBCA.members@gmail.com

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