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Ukraine: How can you help?

15 Mar 2022 3:20 PM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

With the war in Ukraine continuing many of us are seeking to help those displaced by the conflict. But what to do? Below we list some ways in which you can help the victims of the war; both those coming to Belgium and those remaining closer to and within Ukraine.

The list is non-exhaustive and if you are aware of other local initiatives please let us know and we can add them to this article.

Belgian response

The Belgian Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (FEDASIL) has a page dedicated to the Reception of Ukrainian nationals here. This tells you what is happening in terms of official strategy for those Ukrainians coming to Belgium.

Federal authorities have also opened a call centre that can be contacted daily from 9h00 to 17h00 via 02 488 8888.

Brussels response (update 4 April 2022)

The Brussels-Capital Region has launched an information website related to the Ukrainian crisis, including details on how refugees can find housing, transportation, employment, schools for their children and resources related to health services.

Set up by Brussels Prevention and Security (BPS), it is intended to serve as a communication and information platform that brings together “all the forces at work” in Brussels regarding the ongoing conflict.

Room in Belgium

If you have a free room to accommodate Ukrainian refugees then you can register via the Give a Day platform.

This site is associated with federal assistance. Some other sites offering accommodation to refugees are listed below

Material aid

If you would like to provide material assistance to Ukrainians, there are a number of options.

Many collections are being organised via NGOs or private individuals (see below). The Ukrainian Embassy in Uccle no longer has room to store all the donations brought to it. However, Brussels Expo has made Hall 11 available as a storage location. People who wish to make donations can do so daily from 8h00 to 18h00 at the Heysel site.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you can bring:

  • Materials for newborns such as Bottles, Wipes, nappy cream, powdered milk and infants etc
  • Canned food (stew, fish, canned fruit and veg etc)
  • Flashlights, Candles, matches
  • Boots for men (size > 41)
  • Thermal blankets, Gloves, Backpack
  • First aid kits, Splints
  • Yoga/camping mat, Tents

For medical equipment, see the list on the Ukrainian Embassy Facebook page.

Financial aid

If you would like to provide financial assistance for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. What are the best options?

The Consortium for Emergencies, 12-12, has appealed for cash donations. The Consortium will redistribute the amount collected to various organisations so that they can carry out their work in Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries which host the refugees.

The Belgian Red Cross is collecting funds to buy food, water and medicine on site in Ukraine and the neighbouring region. Contributions can be paid via their website or direct to their Bank Account BE53 0000 0000 5353, with the reference "Ukraine".

Médecins sans frontières is providing emergency aid in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Contributions can be paid online or direct to to account BE73 0000 0000 6060, with the mention "INT". 

Food for refugees

Holy Trinity Church Brussels. Holy Trinity’s Community Kitchen is providing meals for thousands of refugees. Financial support can be given via The Community Kitchen @HTB ASBL Gift Account IBAN BE92 3631 1846 4423, BIC code: BBRUBEBB.

In addition donations of biscuits or muffins and warm clothes and shoes are welcome.

Other sources of shelter and assistance

In addition to registering via the Giveaday site above, there are a number of sites that NGOs are directing people to so that they can list their offers of shelter.

MapaHelp is essentially a mapping site indicating help points to Ukrainians who need it. It is a pan-European initiative. 

Ukrainian Scouts in Belgium has opportunities to help in addition to providing housing.

Shelter for UA is another mapping site with a mission to connect people who need help due to the war in Ukraine and those who are ready to provide it. 

UkraineNOW is helping Ukrainians who crossed the border with offers of accommodation.

Full Circle is focusing on collecting toiletries and sanitary products for women. They accept donations in their original, sealed packaging only and you can also offer financial support.

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