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Free webinars on Tax and Estate Planning

8 Dec 2021 5:21 PM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

The Brussels-based law firm Cabinet David is launching a series of free early evening webinars on Tax and Estate Planning (TEP) commencing this Thursday evening. Details of the events are given below. Prior registration is required, which you can find by following the link in each specific event title. All events will commence at 18h00.

9 December 2021 What does the taxman want to know about my overseas property?

After the European Court of Justice ordered Belgium to change its rules on the taxation of overseas properties and to pay a penalty of €2 million and a daily payment of €7,500 (for prior coverage see here). Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem rolled out an ambitious plan to set up a register of all properties held by Belgian residents all over the world and give them a ‘cadastral value’.

The Belgian tax authorities are sending out forms to report your overseas properties. Why is that? And what does this mean? How do I fill out this form?

This free webinar will explain how we got here, what the cadastral revenue is, and what the effect is going to be on your taxes. Some practical examples will help you fill out this form before 31 December.

16 December 2021 The New Expatriate Tax Regime

Next year, Belgium will phase out its expatriate tax regime and introduce an impatriate tax regime. This webinar will set out the conditions and benefits of the new tax regime for impatriates.

This is all but necessarily good news for expatriates who benefit from the current expat tax regime.

12 January 2022 Mort Subite, an expatriate dies in Belgium - what next?

Estate Planning for Expatriates. If you came to live in Belgium for work or love, you may have discovered that things are different from home. Things can also get a little bit more complex in other circumstances – for example if you are about to inherit from your parents, have a holiday home in Italy and France and foreign bank accounts.

The purpose of this TEP-talk is to correct some misunderstandings and help you plan your estate. The webinar will look at it from the point of No Return: Mort subite. You are dead, what now?

20 January 2022 The Art of the Gift

In Belgium, one way of planning one’s estate is to make gifts during one’s lifetime. If gift tax is paid, no further inheritance tax will be due. Gift tax is due on all gifts before a notary. However, it is not obligatory to make gifts of movables before a notary. Hand-to-hand gifts and bank gifts are valid and exempt of gift tax. Nonetheless, the donor needs to plan.

17 February 2022 Estate planning without children

When you do not have any children, estate planning gets a bit more complicated When we think of estate planning, we think of a family with two parents and two children. The reality is often quite different. The inheritance tax rates for siblings, nieces and nephews, or family friends are easily twice the rates for children and parents. How can you make your estate planning work?

17 March 2022 The art of writing a tax-efficient Will

A Will is a useful tool for tax planning. In fact, it is the first and last tool for tax and estate planning. Getting your Will right is important. Since no inheritance tax is due on the family home between husband and wife and between registered partners, it can be advantageous to leave the family home in full to your spouse or partner. But then there are other aspects to consider.

Further TEP-talks are planned and you can always find the full forthcoming programme here: www.taxation.be/events.

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