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Fighting the Autumn COVID wave: masks compulsory, Covid Safe Ticket and teleworking is back

27 Oct 2021 8:09 AM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

The Belgian consultation committee discussed the state of the COVID-19 epidemic on Tuesday (26 October) and decided to extend the obligation to wear a mask, the Covid Safe Ticket and teleworking to try to stop the recent increased circulation of the virus.

The virus’s circulation has intensified sharply in recent weeks, partly due to the increase in the number of contacts and activities inside. The average number of new infections is 5,300 per day, an increase of more than 70% from last week.

While the situation in hospitals remains manageable with a weekly average of 115 admissions, it has also increased over the past week.

While closing areas or restricting activities is not necessary at this time, the epidemiological situation calls for caution and vigilance. Therefore the following measures come into effect across Belgium from Friday, 29 October.

Extension of the obligation to wear a mask

The current obligation to wear a mask, for example in public transport and in the medical and non-medical contact professions, is extended to a general obligation to wear a mask in the following interior spaces:

  • Stores and shopping centres;
  • Care establishments;
  • Areas accessible to the public in companies, public buildings, court buildings
  • Establishments intended for cultural, festive, sporting and recreational activities, including theatres, concert halls, cinemas, museums, indoor amusement and theme parks, indoor fitness centres and sports centres;
  • Libraries, game libraries and media libraries;
  • Worship centres

Wearing a mask is not compulsory in places where the Covid Safe Ticket is used.

The Covid Safe Ticket

For public events, the federal government requires the use of the Covid Safe Ticket for events from 200 people indoors and 400 people outdoors. When using the Covid Safe Ticket, the obligation to wear a mask is waived.

The application of the Covid Safe Ticket will be compulsory from 1 November in all hospitality and fitness establishments in Belgium. For staff, wearing a mask will be mandatory from 29 October.


Teleworking is strongly recommended for all staff members of companies, associations and service providers. Unless this is not possible due to the nature of the business of the business or the provision of services. The expansion of teleworking should reduce the number of contacts in the workplace and on public transport.

Testing policy

Contact testing and tracing remain crucial lines of defence. At the same time, overburdening general practitioners must be avoided.

Therefore, the Committee decided that the testing centres would remain temporarily open during the winter period.

The capacity for contact tracing is also ensured, so that people who test positive are contacted as quickly as possible. The regional authorities are taking all the necessary initiatives to achieve this.

Third dose of vaccine

The Committee asks the Ministers of Public Health to organize the administration of a booster dose for the entire population, as soon as the need for this third dose is scientifically proven.

Pandemic law

The Committee takes note of the federal government's decision to declare the epidemic emergency for up to three months, and approves of this decision. Belgian federal entities can always take measures which go beyond the federal baseline measures outlined above.

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