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Brussels British Community Association

How would you give International Brusselers a voice?

19 Oct 2021 11:43 PM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

Did you know that one in three of the residents of Brussels are foreign nationals? But these international Brussels residents do not have the right to vote in Regional elections. Now the Brussels Government wants to hear from these International Brusselers and are looking for ways to guarantee them a real political representation in their ‘home town’.

Giving non-Belgians a vote in regional elections would require a change in the Belgian Constitution, which will require action. So, over the summer people have been creative looking at different ways to ensure that the voice of International Brusselers is heard in Brussels politics?

Find out more about this initiative in this video.

Now vote on the ideas

Hundreds of international Brusselers submitted ideas to improve living in Brussels for all internationals residents. A wide range of constructive ideas have been proposed and now the project has entered the 'Voting phase'. You are invited to take a look at the proposals on the dedicated regional website – and vote for your favourites!  

What ideas do you support the most?

The ideas with the most votes will pass to the next phase where ideas are upgraded to full-fledged recommendations for the Brussels Regional Government.

Check out the site, vote for the best ideas, and raise your #BrusselsVoice!


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