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Brussels British Community Association

BWC launch ‘Brussels to Cairo’ charity initiative

2 Apr 2021 11:30 AM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

Every year the Brussels Women's Club (BWC) raises funds for a couple of selected charities: one a Belgium based charity and the second a charity based in a developing country. 2021 is no different and, with the ongoing impact of COVID19, some might say it is now more critical than ever to support charitable organisations and activities. BWC’s 2021 initiative launched on 1 April and is entitled 'Brussels to Cairo'.

What is the BWC fund-raising initiative for 2021? BWC aims to travel 10 000 km, exercising for Charity, from Brussels to Cairo and back. Two teams of 10 BWC members, one from the BWC main club and the other from the BWC Golf section, will be exercising their way from Brussels, home of charity Rolling Douche, to Cairo, home of charity FACE, and back again.

Obviously, as Covid 19 restrictions are still in place, this 10 000 km journey will be a virtual trip, with each team member contributing about 1 000 kilometres to their team total, as well as carrying on their typical day to day activities. How will they do this? It is up to the individual team members!

They can walk, run, cycle, swim, golf or do anything they choose, as long as it is measurable in terms of distance, constitutes exercise, is not part of their normal daily routine, and is under their own efforts. They can do it individually, get together with others or both; again, it is their decision.

Each week, individuals' kilometres will be collated, and the two teams' progress will be marked on a map on the newly refurbished BWC website so you can see how far the teams have travelled and where they are on their journeys. The chosen routes are marked on the map above and will take the teams through many different countries and cultures. Interesting information about the team’s location for each milestone they reach will be published on the BWC website. You can follow the teams’ progress on the BWC website from April 2021.

This is an inspiring initiative that will raise money for good causes and - as a bonus - boost the fitness of BWC members. Find out more on the Charities page of the BWC website including how you can donate.

About the charities

Rolling Douche (Belgium) provides free personal hygiene services to homeless people through converted motorhomes specially equipped with decent sanitary facilities where everyone can take a shower. By bringing this valuable facility to homeless people, Rolling Douche can reach homeless people in a way that traditional static facilities cannot. Rolling Douche assists homeless people to maintain their dignity, a vital element in helping them to remain part of society.

FACE (Cairo) helps orphans, street children and victims of abuse by offering services that address their needs. FACE's priority is to place children in a family, in society. Family reintegration is a priority, and institutional placement is the last resort. FACE aims to ensure the quality and sustainability of its activities and therefore invests heavily in training and capacity building with its local staff.

To contact us - Please Email to BBCA.Contact@gmail.com

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