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Presentations from Expat Welcome Desk event now available

19 Feb 2021 2:46 PM | Tim Reynolds (Administrator)

On Tuesday 9 February the Expat Welcome Desk (EWD) of the Brussels Commissioner’s office held a midday webinar on residence formalities and work/single permit procedures for UK citizens already residing and working in or intending to relocate to Belgium.

Speakers at the event were from Fragomen’s Benelux Immigration Practice based in Brussels: Jo Antoons, Managing Partner, Natali Afsar, Associate, and Andreia Ghimis, Senior Consultant.

The webinar was moderated by Amélie BOVY, Legal Advisor at the Expat Welcome Desk. Presentations from the event were made available to registered participants, but can now be accessed by everyone via this ‘gated’ link.

A large number of questions were raised during the webinar including:

  • Are we protected during the process of obtaining a M card (if we lose our job, change status…)
  • Communes do not have much information regarding the M card, how long the process takes , can I already apply now ?
  • Is there a return right linked to the M card?
  • Freelancers in UK with Belgian clients do need or not a work permit ?
  • Can we introduce a request of nationality on the ground of a M card, or an annexe 56 or 58?
  • For holders of a special ID (SIC) card for EU civil servants within the EU institutions:
    • when they cancel the SIC before applying to the M card how do we prove work, residency and travel rights waiting for the appointment and M Card?
    • a recent ruling of the Belgian Supreme Court (Court de Cassation). A special ID card can constitute proof of lawful residence for EU nationals applying for BE nationality by declaration. Does this include British citizens?
    • what is the need/point to change from a Special ID to an M Card if the time on Special ID Card counts towards the 5yr residency requirement? Does the M Card give anything else which the Special ID does not?

Did you know?

The EWD organises seminars on specific themes for target audiences. These seminars are conducted by specialists selected by the EWD to provide in-depth knowledge of the topics covered.

If you would like to be informed about these seminars, you can subscribe by sending an e-mail mentioning “Registration for future seminars” to seminars@commissioner.brussels.

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